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(In reply to Attila from comment #33)
> Have you got an idea where to report the bug, if we close it here?
> What product or component?

I'm not sure. The last information sounds like it might be related to
cups-browsed, which is maintained as part of "cups-filters". The GitHub page
I'm not sure though. However, I think we can leave this bug open here until
there's no more ideas on what to look at.

In order to find out whether it's a cups-browsed problem, the following might

> > * Does the problem also happen when you print as another user?
> Yes, it does.

1) Do you have another computer in addition to host a on which you could try?

> > $ sudo grep -r orientation-requested /var/
> Here the result:
> ...
> /var/cache/cups/cups-browsed-options-HP9500DN:orientation-requested-
> default=no-value
> /var/cache/cups/cups-browsed-options-EPSON7900:orientation-requested-
> default=no-value
> /var/cache/cups/cups-browsed-options-HPM880:orientation-requested-default=no-
> value
> ...
> Interesting again, that the file
> /var/cache/cups/cups-browsed-options-HPM880Test (my Test printer) doesn't
> contain "orientation-requested".
> When I print to the printer HPM880 the file
> /var/cache/cups/cups-browsed-options-HPM880 is being written again, so it
> has no effect to delete the line "orientation-requested-default=no-value".
> It was my first thought to delete the line
> "orientation-requested-default=no-value". This information must come from
> somewhere else.

2) Can you try to delete the file again after stopping cups-browsed?

    $ sudo systemctl stop cups-browsed.service
    $ sudo rm /var/cache/cups/cups-browsed-options-tofile-hp 
    $ sudo systemctl start cups-browsed.service

And then print again.

3) Set up the printer without using cups-browsed:

* temporarily stop cups-browsed: 'sudo systemctl stop cups-browsed.service'
* verify the printer is no longer shown when running 'lpstat -v'
* set up the printer like this: 'sudo lpadmin -p HPM880 -v
ipp://<HOST_B>/printers/HPM880 -E'
  (where '<HOST_B>' is the hostname or IP address of host B)
* print to the printer
  * from Okular (and check result)
  * using 'echo hello | lp -d HPM880' and attaching the error_log from host A
* ('sudo lpadmin -x HPM880' and 'sudo cupsenable cups-browsed' will bring back
the original setup.)

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