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  I tested okular with the patch. I used 2 PDF files in Hebrew. I attached them 
so others can test. One was downloaded using Wikipedia's Download-as-PDF 
option. The other was downloaded from random search results, when looking for 
Hebrew PDFs. 
  F5726742: Open Source (Hebrew Wikipedia).pdf 
  F5726741: meida-15.pdf <>
  The results are as follows
  1. Okular was able to find the text I was searching for (Success).
  2. But it is looking for the text inside each line from **left to right** and 
not from **right to left** (which is the reading/writing direction). When there 
is more than one occurrence of the text in the same line, it will find the last 
one first, and the first one at the end. I'm attaching a gif to illustrate this.
  F5726743: Search RTL text in patched Okular.gif 
  3. I think the problem is caused because Okular treats the whole text as if 
it is typed backwards. For example, copying text from Okular results in the 
text being pasted backwards. But when trying to copy the same text from Firefox 
(when used as a PDF reader) it copies the text correctly. I'm attaching another 
gif to illustrate this.
  F5726746: Okular vs Firefox - copying text.gif 
  So in regards to usability - the current patch is better than nothing. It 
enables searching for text that is written in a RTL language and should be 
  In general, Okular might need some improvements in regards to RTL languages 
(Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Yiddish). According to wikipedia 
there are more than 550 million speakers of those languages.

  R223 Okular


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