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  In general, this option is not only relevant for the PDF generator, but (as 
Albert mentioned on the bug report) for all generators that use FilePrinter.
  This change currently only addresses the PDF case.
  I have created a separate class `PrintScalingOptionWidget` that could in 
general be used by other generators as well, if it were put to a more 
appropriate place (e.g. an own source file, but I have no idea what would be 
the right place).
  Otherwise, the functionality should probably just be moved to the 
`PDFOptionsPage` class (which would however result in code duplication when you 
want to add it for other generators as well).
  I'd be happy about direction on what is best here.
  In addition, the alignment of the checkboxes in the "PDF options" tab is 
currently non-optimal. The checkbox from the nested `PrintScalingOptionWidget` 
is a little bit more on the right. I guess that can probably be fixed by 
setting some option in one of the widgets, but I couldn't figure that out 
quickly  ignored it for this first revision.

  R223 Okular


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