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  > I'm not sure if all Mac applications always show the open documents under 
their Dock tile (that menu can be used for anything, of course),
  Not all of them (shall I reword the commit message?). Actually, I do not 
know, whether there is an API that allows to force Mac OS to create such list 
in the Dock menu, but if an app implements "Window" menu (systemMenu="window" 
in the menu xib file), then this list is generated automatically. Do you happen 
to know whether it would be possible to do from Qt?
  > and I also think that it would be more useful to have a Windows menu like 
(most) native Mac apps have.
  Shall I consider this as a feature request? I personally do not use it.
  > Should the list be sorted btw (read: is that what Mac apps do)?
  They are sorted for Cocoa apps. And I do not see an easy way to have them in 
the last-opened/last-used order. Widgets are stored in a set inside 
QApplication, so, it is good to have some sorting.

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