Hi Dileep,

> 1. What is important to Okular this summer; adding a completely new category 
> of annotations called FreeText (or TypeWriter) or improving the existing 
> stamp annotations' handling or showing and adding the replies to the sticky 
> notes? 
> Actually, all three annotation projects interest me and I think I meet the 
> requirements. 

I don't think you can sort these by importance.  Each one of them is
very important for certain people.  You should pick the one that is
most interesting to _you_.

> 2. Will adding the support for verifying the signatures in pdf files bring 
> something totally different to Okular in comparison to all the annotation 
> support as this capability have never been seen in Okular although the 
> poppler support it? 
> Again it is quite interesting and I meet the requirements. 

Somebody else has expressed interest in that project, so you may
want to focus on annotations.


> I am selective regarding choosing the right project for me because if my 
> proposal gets selected, I want to see myself working on a project that will 
> actually matter Okular the most. 
> Thanks and Regards,
> Dileep Sankhla
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