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  > In D11051#222205 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D11051#222205>, @aacid wrote:
  > > Also i'm not convinced it's a good idea to save the settings in 
sidebar.cpp but read them in part.cpp, seems a bit asymmetrical, can you 
explain your reasoning for it?
  > Initially, I thought of reading and saving the settings in `part.cpp` but I 
can't access `m_sidebar` as to save its last state inside the destructor 
`Part::~Part` and it gives me segfault. Hence I am saving them in 
  I just added 
  qDebug() << m_sidebar->isCollapsed();
  to Part destructor and it's all fine, i don't see why you would get a 
segfault, and if you did, you should investigate why, if you thought that Part 
destructor was a better place instead of just saying "meh i've no idea why it 
happens, let's put it in a worse place"

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