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> aheinecke wrote in formwidgets.cpp:310
> As I understand it there is a case where Forms are bisible, but disabled.
> This is if in "PageView::notifySetup" the check for:
>   const bool allowfillforms = d->document->isAllowed( Okular::AllowFillForms 
> );
> Returns false.
> Then Okular will show all FormWidgets which are not readOnly disabled. I'm 
> not sure if that makes much sense but as there is the extra code with 
> "setCanBeFilled" I thought I should better leave that behavior because 
> someone intended it that way at some point ;-)

sure, if allowfillforms is false, we will call setCanBeFilled with false and it 
will be setEnabled to false.

What I am asking is why do we need to call isReadOnly here. As far as i 
understand if the field is readonly, it won't be shown, so the enabled status 
of it doesn't matter, no?

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