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  In D10792#241504 <>, @aacid wrote:
  > In D10792#241405 <>, @simgunz 
  > > Thanks to your suggestions I made some progresses.
  > >
  > > My current autotest looks as in the block below.
  > >
  > > Problems:
  > >
  > > 1. If I do not export `AnnotWindow` and call `QVERIFY( 
part.m_pageView->findChildren<QFrame *>().size() == 1 )` it fails, while 
calling `QVERIFY( part.m_pageView->findChildren<AnnotWindow *>().size() == 1 )` 
would succeed.
  > > 2. The value returned by ` annot1->boundingRectangle().center(); ` is 
wrong. Moreover if I I pass to `mouseMove` a point within the coordinates I 
specify when I construct the annotation the mouse moves to the wrong position. 
In particular the mouse moves to a Y position way below the annotation. So 
either I am missing something or there is a bug.
  > There's a "bug" in the test, you're opening a two page file, so the height 
variable  is the height of the two pages, and then all the math fails when 
trying to find the proper y, changing to open file1.pdf makes it better.
  Thanks for the explanation. I'm slowly understanding how this coordinate 
system works.
  > "WORKS" in my computer, you still need to 
add more stuff to the end of the test, right? at least a verify :)
  Yes. I have added a check on the number of rects composing the visible 
region, which should be four for a fully visible window ( if I am not wrong it 
is because the KTextEdit is on top of the parent widget of the AnnotWindow, so 
that this last one is never fully visible). Actually also for a partially 
visible window they can be four, I think, but for the particular position where 
I moved window 1 they are three. I hope this is enough as a test.
  >> 3. How do I click on the annotation window?
  >>   These two commands both fail ``` 
QTest::mouseClick(part.m_pageView->viewport(), Qt::LeftButton, Qt::NoModifier, 
QPoint(width * 0.1,  height * 0.06)); // The window is under the mouse 
QTest::mouseClick(win2, Qt::LeftButton, Qt::NoModifier, QPoint(width * 0.1,  
height * 0.06)); // win2 is the annotation window widget (under the mouse again)
  >>   ```
  >>   Isn't it possible to call mouseClick without specifying the target 
widget, as if I would click manually so that the top widget is the target of 
the click?
  > It's a bit tricky, check what i did on the paste. Probably there's a better 
way to do it, but it's a bit late now so this works for me.
  Ok. Understood it.
  I have left two qWait after adding the annotations because without those the 
test was failing some times.

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