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  > You're not really pushing a "branch" with `arc`, you can think of it more 
as a diff describing a range of commits.
  This is indeed what I believed.
  My doubt is: when you want to review a "review" what do you do exactly (I 
never did it). You download a patch and apply it manually to your code 
(probably arc does this with some command)?
  If I overwrite some commits, as I did today, does it create any problem to 
the reviewer that already "pulled" from arc the review once? (in git this will 
create diverging branches between local and remote) Or does arc redownload the 
diff completely each time, so avoiding problems?
  > IOW, you should be able to do pretty much want you want on your local 
branch without having to fear to break something in the upstream Git repo 
(unless you `git push` or `arc land`).
  This was not my fear, but I feared to mess up things to the reviewer that 
already "pulled" the review before.
  > Also, in general I'd expect you could just `arc diff` over a commit range 
containing a local revert. I cannot say too much without knowing details about 
"complaining and didn't let me update the revision", but given your accidental 
new Diff it seems to me that you got in a situation where `arc` got the commit 
range wrong, i.e. it could not find a commit containing the "Differential 
Revision" line, so it could not attach to that.
  It was complaining about the fact that the commit with the revert did not 
contain a valid "Differential Revision" ID
  >   a commit containing  the "Differential Revision" line,
  Can you explain this better? I've never written any "Differential Revision" 
line in my commit messages explicitly. Does arc produces new commits with this 
  > Use `arc which` before `arc diff` to get more information about what 
Arcanist will do.
  Thanks. That is something I was looking for. I should re-read the phabricator 
guide more often.
  I'll also have a look at  T7116 <> and maybe 
I can give some feedback from a point of view of a newcomer.

  R223 Okular


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