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--- Comment #25 from Germano Massullo <> ---
(In reply to Michael Weghorn from comment #24)
> @Germano: Thanks for the additional info. That new 'error_log' does actually
> contain the required information and I think I can somewhat reproduce the
> issue in a Fedora 27 VM now. (not using a real printer and just running part
> of the CUPS filters and using an external tool to view the generated file,
> but the result looks like it should be what you described).
> Can you confirm that attachment 111896 [details] resembles the output you
> get on your real printer?

Yes it has exactly the same cutted parts (upper and bottom side of the

> (In reply to Germano Massullo from comment #22)
> > > 
> > > Is there any file '/etc/cups/lpoptions' or '$HOME/.cups/lpoptions' 
> > > present?
> > 
> > Both yes
> Can you please try to delete or temporarily rename those, print again and
> see whether this resolves the issue?

# mv /etc/cups/lpoptions /etc/cups/lpoptions_OLD
$ mv .cups/lpoptions .cups/lpoptions_OLD
# systemctl restart cups
then I printed the document and the margins were perfect.

To double check I runned
# mv /etc/cups/lpoptions_OLD /etc/cups/lpoptions
$ mv .cups/lpoptions_OLD .cups/lpoptions
# systemctl restart cups
and I printed again, **BUT** this time the margins were perfect too. I think
this is very confusing. How could you explain the perfect margins even resuming
old files?

> > > What happens if you print the job file attached in comment 17 directly 
> > > from
> > > the command line using the command 'lp -d <YOURPRINTERNAME> d01250-001' 
> > > from
> > > a directory where this file is located? Is the output the same?
> > 
> > lp: No such file or directory
> Sorry if my instructions were not clear enough. This command would have to
> be run from a directory where attachment 111855 [details] was downloaded and
> extracted (I guess you put the original file into a tar.gz archive and it
> was not like that in the '/var/spool/cups/' directory).
> Anyway, in case removing the two 'lpoptions' files resolves your problem,
> that test is no longer needed in my eyes.

Ok so I did not run it

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