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> Hi Yuri,
> >> There is one simple thing that I couldn't find in the docs: is it 
> >> possible to tell Okular to open with a certain geometry (width, height, 
> >> x- and y-placement)? Usually this is set via a --geometry option, but 
> >> Okular does not recognize it. Perhaps there is another way?
> >
> > This does not work because Okular restores the last window size. You can 
> > just change its settings through ~/.config/okularrc ([MainWindow] 
> > section) before the start.
> Thanks!
> It solves the dimensions question.
> The more important one for me is placement (specifically, start at +0+0). 
> This information does not appear in ~/.config/okularrc alas.
> > There is the Window Rules module for Plasma to override these settings 
> > https://docs.kde.org/trunk5/en/kde-workspace/kcontrol/windowspecific/ 
> > index.html
> I do not use the KDE desktop.
> But following this idea I made fvwm open Okular at +0+0.

There are other tools to change window geometry for this environment. You can 
try xdotool with windowmove option or wmctrl.

Some hints:


> Perhaps it would be worthwhile to add a --geometry option some day?

I'm not so sure. The window placement is the window manager task after all. It 
would be unfair from a separate application to interfere. But patches are 
welcome as always. ;)

Best regards,
> > It is also possible to change the window geometry through D-Bus 
> > (qdbusviewer) in the runtime.
> That's a bit too far for me :-)
> Kind regards,
> Sébastien.

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