The XO icon in modified form is used on Sugarizer. It appears elsewhere on 
other current versions of Sugar. It is a well known icon and, as such, carries 
considerable intrinsic value.

If some people want to completely divorce themselves from all the hard work of 
their predecessors and the good will they have built up, perhaps it would be 
better for them to leave Sugar Labs entirely and strike out on their own.


From: IAEP <> on behalf of Sean DALY 
Sent: Friday, September 15, 2017 9:17 AM
To: Sebastian Silva
Cc: Sugar-dev Devel; Samson Goddy; OLPC para usuarios, docentes, voluntarios y 
administradores; Laura Vargas; Sugar Labs Marketing; Sugar Labs Oversights 
Board; iaep; Ignacio Rodríguez
Subject: Re: [IAEP] [SLOB] Motion regarding xo-computer icon

So your idea is: no trademarks at all? Do you think Sugar Labs should give up 
its trademark?

Is your goal to undermine Sugar Labs and/or OLPC?


On Fri, Sep 15, 2017 at 12:02 PM, Sebastian Silva 
<<>> wrote:
On 15/09/17 10:59, Sean DALY wrote:
> The copyrights are licensed under the GPL, and OLPC's trademark has a
> long history of use in Sugar with OLPC's cooperation - a formal
> license may be superfluous (a determination which can only be made by
> a lawyer). The artwork file itself is GPL'd. So this is just an
> underhanded way to bypass the community (and the SLOBs) and impose a
> change.
You are not reading carefully. Perhaps Sugar Labs has permission. Do
downstream distributors? Do downstream service providers? Do OLPC


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