I was hoping to discuss this at the May meeting, but no one was able to
attend that meeting.

Devin went to Japan to run some Music Blocks workshops. We had allocated a
budget for him was US $1200 for his ticket and US $50 for local expenses
(See [1]). Devin incurred some additional expenses above and beyond what we
budgeted -- extra local travel and some equipment needed for the workshops

One of the schools he visited -- the Yokohama Science Frontiers school --
offered Devin an honorarium of ~US $500, which they sent to the SFC.  ,These
funds would cover his additional costs. The SFC won't release this money
without our approval. It would amount to US $450 after the 10% allocation
by the SFC.

Motion: Approve the payment of US $450 as an honorarium to Devin Ulibarri
for his workshops in Japan.

I don't think there is anything controversial here, but of course, your
feedback (and community feedback) is most appreciated.

Someone would have to second this motion so that we can vote on it.



[1] https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Oversight_Board/Decisions#2018-01-09

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