Perhaps it was not clear in the minutes but I plan to sort through the
books over the holidays and report back at the next board meeting.

On Fri, Dec 25, 2020, 4:54 PM Martin Guy <> wrote:

> On 23/12/2020, Walter Bender <> wrote:
> > Sugar LabsĀ® is a volunteer-driven member project of
> > Software Freedom Conservancy, a nonprofit corporation.
> Nice words, but what I see from down here is that the leading
> developers are the paid ones (who not only do the work they're paid to
> do but also shoulder other duties such as board membership. mentoring
> and being a generous knowledge base)
> If that also seems to others to be the reality that we have, that
> suggests an alternative view, to consciously use SL's funds to fund
> development, with openness about what it pays to whom to do what, and
> the developer's duty to itemize in public the hours spent on each
> assigned task, and the progress made as a result, since that seems to
> be a more effective path than simply wailing "We need more
> volunteers!"
> To this end, drawing a line under the past financial accounting,
> taking stock and relaunching it with greater transparency might be one
> way to help SL achieve its technical goals, as well as encouraging
> more and more generous donations when current or potential donors can
> see how cost-effective their funds are.
> Just my 2 cents...
> Season's greetings
>      M
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