On 2016-09-19 14:45, Tomasz Gajc wrote:

About duplicated apps, it is still matter of manpower, as upstream forgot to add OnlyShowIn=LXQt in desktop files.

I'm not sure we want to add OnlyShowIn=LXQt there -- e.g. some people may prefer Qupzilla or qterminal even in Plasma because they're faster, and others may prefer some more full-featured tool while in LXQt.

IMO we should leave people with the options of running whatever they want in whatever desktop they want - but we need to stop cluttering the menus with duplicates... Splitting the isos would be one way to do it... Otherwise maybe we need to add some way to show OnlyShowIn=SomethingElse entries to the menus we care about (e.g. make them appear in some submenu instead of being hidden altogether)


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