Dear Colleague, 

Further to the schedule of the 10th CHAOS2017 International Conference
( in the Casa Convalescència of the Universitat Autònoma de
Barcelona Spain, a Historical Artistic Monument and a UNESCO World Heritage
Site (30 May – 2 June 2017) please note the following:

The CMSIM conferences, events and publications is a joint work developed by
a group of scientists and professionals gathered together the last ninth
years partially via the meetings in the CHAOS Conferences and partially via
an international network organized by the CMSIM Committee. 

For the better organization and further development of our common goals and
objectives, we have expanded the structure by organising and establishing
the Chaotic Modeling and Simulation (CMSIM) network in Groups and Sections. 

The members are involved in the annual meeting during the CHAOS conferences
and electronic or video conference meetings scheduled. 

I would like to address my warm thanks to the editorial board, reviewers and
all authors of the e-CMSIM journal ( ) and conference books and
proceedings as well as to all the contributors of the conferences and
meetings and events.

The General Assembly date is scheduled during the CHAOS2017 Conference and
we have arranged a series of special section meetings, during the
Conference. The membership card will be sent by mail to the member’s

The following are the ongoing CMSIM Organisation actions where you are
invited to contribute:


1.      Join the Publications Committee: notify co-chair 

2.      Submit an Abstract: 

3.      Submit an Invited Session (3-4 participants): Send a schedule to the
secretariat at  <>
notifying co-chair

4.      Submit a Section Proposal (2 or more Sessions): notify co-chair

5.      Note that special arrangements apply for Invited Session Chairs and
Section Organizers as well and especially for the CMSIM Members. 

6.      New member application form is at 


For more information please visit the conference website at:  or contact the secretary of the conference at:

With my warm regards,


Prof. Christos H Skiadas

CMSIM Co-Chair





I am also happy to introduce two new books on Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics
contributed mainly from the CHAOS Conferences participants.


1. "The Foundations of Chaos Revisited: From Poincaré to Recent
Advancements" (Christos Skiadas, Ed., Springer, May 2016). The book flyer
and other information is at:
The book is an outcome of the CHAOS2015 meeting in Henri Poincaré Institute
in Paris ( ). Some of the main contributors of chaos theory add
important value to the book (David Ruelle, Ferdinand Verhulst, Giovanni
Gallavotti, Pierre Coullet, Yves Pomeau, James A. Yorke, Alexander Ramm, ...


2.  " Handbook of Applications of Chaos Theory" (C. H. Skiadas & C. Skiadas,
Eds, CRC/Taylor&Francis, 934 pages, June 2016)
iadas/9781466590434 .

This book is a joint work of a large scientific group all over the world
covering a considerable part of the recent chaotic literature and related






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