After the change and a site restart, I am getting:

        Return code of 126 is out of bounds - plugin may be missing

-rwsr-x--- 1 root root 179396 Sep 19 17:10 check_icmp


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Subject: Re: [omd-users] Moving omd to another location [20.09.2016 14:43]:
> Hello,
> OMD Version 1.30
> RHEL 6
> I followed the FAQ instructions:  "Moving omd to another location than 
> /opt/omd".  After the move and updating the sym links, OMD starts up as 
> expected but my host checks are failing with the following error:
> check_icmp: Failed to obtain ICMP socket: Operation not permitted
> I have researched and found several posts about this but I am not able 
> resolve the issue.  Can anyone provide a solution?

The binary check_icmp mus be set suid root (chmod u+s). For me, that is

ls -l /opt/omd/sites/MY/lib/nagios/plugins/check_icmp

-rwsr-x--- 1 root omd  186157  4. Jun 12:50 check_icmp

HTH, Werner


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