Yeah - I was doing some deeper investigation into how to repair this
change in behavior and found that newer versions of mariadb have a newer
'mysql_install_db' routine that allows specifying
'--auth-root-authentication-method=' but it's only in newer versions and
not available in the repos yet for this distro rev.  I'm doing my
experimenting now on a 17.10 of ubuntu, which at least has mariadb 10.1
available, which does have this parameter available...and is working
great already, so no need to fix for this newer setup.  It seems to just
affect the 16 series ubuntu and the older mariadb that's in the repos.

Thanks a bunch for cracking the nut on solving this for other folks
though.  I'm in love with this integration you all have pulled off.


On 4/13/18 7:12 AM, Sven Nierlein wrote:
> On 13.04.2018 12:48, Sven Nierlein wrote:
>> On 10.04.2018 21:09, Chris Moody wrote:
>>> This might be something that needs factored into the OMD deployment 
>>> routines so that this plugin value gets cleared (or explicitly set) upon 
>>> creation of a new site instance...otherwise every new site created will end 
>>> up with the same problem.  I just created a new site and verified. 
>> That might be tricky, because `mysql_install_db` runs in site context only, 
>> so we don't have root permissions here to connect to mysql.
> Found a way, should be better next time.
> Cheers,
>  Sven

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