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> This is a question I've been meaning to ask as well.
> Using the information at 
> http://wiki.illumos.org/display/illumos/ZFS+and+Advanced+Format+disks I've 
> edited the sd.conf on my systems to include the drives I wish to have 4k 
> sector sizes on. On Solaris 11.1 this achieves the proper ashift on 4k drives 
> whether they report 4k or 512e to the system. The same sd.conf does not, at 
> least in my experience, result in an ashift of 12 on OmniOS. My workaround 
> has been to create my pools in 11.1 with version flags set compatible to what 
> omnios supports, then import them into OmniOS and then zfs upgrade them. I'd 
> love to find out I've been doing it wrong as it would simplify pool creation 
> greatly for me.
The file is very sensitive to spaces and format, including separators. Make 
sure you
have the file exactly as needed.
 -- richard



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