Hi all,
We have a a few servers  conected via 10g nic  LACP, some of them have  4nic 
and some have 6nic in a link aggregation mode. We been moving a lot of data 
around and we are trying to get the maximum performance. I have seen zpool can 
deliver  2-3GB accumulated  throughput. Iperf does about 600-800MB/sec between 
those two servers. 
Given  the hardware that we have and the zpool performance,   we expected   to 
see some serious data transfer rates  however we only see around 200-300MB/sec 
average  using rsync or copy paste over NFS.  Standard MTU 1500 and nfs block 
size.  I want to ask the community what to do get some higher throughout and 
the application level. I hear ZFS send/receive   or ZFS shadow does work faster 
but it does snapshots. Out data (Terabytes) is constantly evolving   and we 
prefer something in the nature of rsync  but to utilize the network hardware. 

If Anyone has a hardware setup that can see 1GB/sec  throughput  and does not 
mind sharing? 
Any software  that  use multithreads  sessions to move data around  zfs 
friendly? We do not mind getting going with a commercial solution like camvault 
or veeam if they work.

Thank you for your time 


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