Hi Bob,
We were testing it between two similar servers   rsynic and copy paste  both 
ways ( read/write) was the same around 300MB/sec average. Of course the speed 
test on the pools provide  higher throughput  around 600MB/sec

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On Fri, 16 Sep 2016, Ergi Thanasko wrote:

Given the hardware that we have and the zpool performance, we expected to see 
some serious data transfer rates however we only see around 200-300MB/sec 
average using rsync or copy paste over NFS. Standard MTU 1500 and nfs block 
size.  I want to ask the community

Are these read rates or write rates?  Read rates should be able to come close 
to pool or wire limits.  Write rates over NFS are primarily dominated by 
latency on a per-writer basis.

Increasing the MTU to 9k has been shown to improve throughput quite a lot for 
large transfers.

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