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> I see you have a vmdump.2 present.  Can you make that downloadable somewhere? 
> I'd like to take a closer look.

> The stack trace looks... almost random.  It could be a double-fault (though I 
> thought those were explicitly called out), but it looks like it panicked 
> while handling a userland fault.  This is going to sound like I'm pointing 
> fingers elsewhere, but how old is your HW?
From smbios:
  Manufacturer: ASRock
  Product: A75 Extreme6

  Manufacturer: AMD
  Version: AMD A8-3800 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics
  Location Tag: CPUSocket

  Family: 72 (AMD A-series)
  Family Ext: 72 (AMD A-series)
  CPUID: 0x178bfbff00300f10
  Type: 3 (central processor)
  Socket Upgrade: 41 (socket FM1)
  Socket Status: Populated
  Processor Status: 1 (enabled)
  Supported Voltages: 1.2V
  Core Count: 4
  Cores Enabled: 4
  Thread Count: 4
  Processor Characteristics: 0x4
        SMB_PRC_64BIT (64-bit capable)
  External Clock Speed: Unknown
  Maximum Speed: 2400MHz
  Current Speed: 2400MHz
         L1 Cache: 23
         L2 Cache: 24
         L3 Cache: None

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