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On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 4:51 PM -0400, "Dan McDonald" <dan...@omniti.com> wrote:


I'm starting to wind down LX for now, and wind up the r151020 release.  I'm 
leaning toward folding in LX support (see below) into stock OmniOS for r151020 
as "LX Beta", with fixes and supportability showing up in r151022 (next LTS).

uname -a says omnios-master-a10017b, which means illumos-omnios was at commit 
a10017b, and omnios-build was at commit a0dbf1f.

New with this bloody update:

- Bash is now 4.4

- OpenSSH support/SunSSH EOL is now easier to upgrade to.  Instead of --reject 
lines, if you have SunSSH installed, you'll still *SEE* those packages, but 
they are now empty and "renamed" to the OpenSSH packages.  Post-upgrade "pkg 
list | grep ssh" can show you what I mean if you're still on SunSSH.

- Curl is now 7.50.3 (and was updated earlier as part of the security fix)

- SEVERAL NVMe fixes.

- nlockmgr now more reliable at boot time (7231 nlockmgr failing to start up 
during bootup)

- Various ZFS bugfixes

ALSO UPDATED is the bloody+LX repo:  http://pkg.omniti.com/omnios/LX/.  It is 
updated to illumos-joyent changes since their commit 6a41e72, and now quiesced. 
 One bug was also fixed... SMAP support on Broadwell and newer Intel processors 
broke LX zones on OmniOS, because of a mismerge.

I'M VERY CLOSE to folding in LX support into illumos-omnios's master branch, 
prior to construction of the r151020 branch.  If people have opinions on this 
topic, I'd very much like to hear it.  Also, is anyone besides OmniTI 
developers using LX for OmniOS?


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