I have a working LX zone which I am using to run Review Board:
https://www.reviewboard.org/news <https://www.reviewboard.org/news/>
I am using the bloody ISO image I downloaded at the weekend.
The only problem I have is the console login prompt fails.
If i do :-
# zlogin -C lx0
I see a no prompt.
I can access the zone with :-
# zlogin lx0
Looking in /var/log/messages I can see :-
Oct 10 20:35:13 lx0 /sbin/mingetty[1371]: console: vhangup() failed
Oct 10 20:35:18 lx0 init: tty (console) main process (1371) terminated
with status 1
Oct 10 20:35:18 lx0 init: tty (console) main process ended, respawning
Oct 10 20:35:18 lx0 /sbin/mingetty[1374]: console: vhangup() failed

What am I missing?


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