There is  a w10 system at the home and it's a bit critical for the wife
;-), so I want to have this up and running asap if some kind of trouble
happens with it.

Anyway, this windows 10 OS has a backup tool that allows you to dump an
image to a network share using cifs, obviously.

So I have a zfs file system, shared it for cifs, set the permissions for
the share. Start the backup, and it will fail consistently when it has
reached 57%.

After much searching, I found this:

And yes, after:

# sharectl set -p max_protocol=1 smb

and restarting the cifs service, now the backup is running correctly (97%
and counting).

Apparently it has to do with 'resilency support', whatever that may be:


Which is a shame, because now the cifs host is limited to smb 1.5 instead
of 2.1 (but at least it works).

Hopefully I spare somebody some unnecessary pain with this info. And it
would be awesome if this 'resiliciency support' made it to the cifs server
in a next version ;-)


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