I am looking to build an all NVMe system using:


OS will be on a mirror pair of 400GB and there will be a data pool of 4x 800GB 
in striped mirror pair. (there will be one 2x small VMs on rpool)

The system will run 7 virtual machines (most will be Windows 2012R2 and one a 
300GB SQL 2014 server) configured in KVM on OmniOS.

The main reason for not using 10K or 15K drives is performance and dedup. I 
would like to get down to the a 1U chassis for this build.

I have not been that successful with SAS 10/15K  configuration and using KVM. I 
have tried different block sizes and some tuning and it could just be the load 
of these systems.

We have a number of system running for years now, but never considered dedup 
largely due to fear of all the negative post, but most could also be due 
incorrect hardware configurations.

My main reason for posting is to perhaps get feedback if this route can be 
considered or to stick to 2U 24x drive chassis and use more spindles without 
dedup. The system will have 192GB of memory and the VMs will not even consume 
close to 100GB.

CPUs will be 2x 2.6Ghz 6core E5-2600 v3.

The systems are fairly critical and the reason for not using VMware or 
commercial products is for snapshots and to cut down on how many products we 
need to update (hypervisor, backup software, replication components).

Also, when using dedup, is there a higher disk of data corruption in the event 
of power outage?

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