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> Hi to all
> There are someone with experience in running SMB and/or Netatalk over OmniOS ?
> Works OK ?
> Some caveats to avoid ?
> The possible scenario would be a server to hold Audio and Video files
> in a Video/Audio editing facility, with 10 GB network in/out, and 12 8
> TB hard disks in Raid Z2, 2 256GB SSD to ZIL, no ARC, 128 GB RAM .

netatalk works like a charm, as does cifs. I'll just assume that you're
wanting to serve Macs; despite all that Apple is telling the world, my
experience is that AFP "works" better. I've experienced no end of
bizzare and differing problems using SMB/CIFS with OSX (not just on
OmniOS!). Each OSX version has various quirks with SMB, whereas AFP
being the "native" OSX file protocol just works plug an play, no fooling
around, across differing OSX versions.

You can either pull it in from the uulm.mawi omnios package repository,
or build it yourself (but it does have some dependencies, so you're
probably better off installing the from the repository).

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