I'm a newbie to building OmniOSce..

In following the build instructions at the following web page:


I seem to be getting errors..

bwalker@omniosce:~/src/illumos-omnios$ sudo /opt/ooce/bin/omni setup /build
This system is running OmniOS r151024

-- By default, HTTPS will be used to access GitHub.
-- If you have configured SSH keys on GitHub you can use SSH instead.

Do you want to use SSH instead? (y/n) n

--- Using /build for installation.

-- If you intend to contribute to OmniOS development, then additional
-- commands can be enabled to assist with the process.

--- Enable these additional commands (y/n) y

-- Additionally, if you have write access to the omniosorg organisation at
-- GitHub, then the remote upstream branches can be automatically kept
-- up-to-date. This access is NOT necessary in order to develop since
-- all integrations are via pull requests.

--- Do you have commit access to github/omniosorg? (y/n) n

--- checking that extra.omnios publisher is set
--- checking that developer/illumos-tools is installed
--- checking that developer/omnios-build-tools is installed
--- checking that ooce/developer/build/ant is installed
--- checking that ooce/library/freetype2 is installed
--- checking that ooce/runtime/python-36 is installed
--- Cloning illumos-omnios from https://github.com/BradWalker
Cloning into '/build/illumos-omnios'...
fatal: Remote branch r151024 not found in upstream origin
bwalker@omniosce:~/src/illumos-omnios$ sudo /opt/ooce/bin/omni setup /build

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?


-brad w.
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