On Fri, 23 Feb 2018, Hugh McIntyre wrote:

; I am seeing the same TOC clock bug described in #8680 ("Time of Day clock
; error"), in my case on an older non-Ryzen AMD motherboard. although NTP seems
; to fix the clock, it's annoying that some files early in boot may get
; incorrect dates.
; This is on r151022ce although OmniOSCE github repository contains the fixed
; version of usr/src/uts/i86pc/io/todpc_subr.c, so I assume this will exist in
; bloody releases.
; Can I expect this will show up in r151022ce (LTS) or r151024 automatically
; after some soak time though, or can I request this?  It's not clear if the
; Gitter lobby or IRC is preferred for requests like this ...

Hi Hugh,

I'll have a look at this and see whether it can be backported. Either way
we will be able to provide an installable hot-fix for you early next week.

The process that we use is to pull in changes from illumos gate and from
Joyent's illumos fork weekly and then assess the changes for back-port, so
if this is already in our bloody branch then it will not automatically appear
in older versions; it was presumably not selected.

The Gitter lobby is preferred for general support requests but we're also
around on IRC and check the mailing list from time to time. The core team
is all in Europe so there can be some latency due to time difference.



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