On Tue, 13 Mar 2018, Schweiss, Chip wrote:

; The 8806 backport will no longer apply to r151022ap.
; No updates available for this image.

I think this is the relevant message - we need to look at why you got the
additional errors but ignore them for now.

; Some things are not clear about hot-fixes.
; Do they need to be reapplied after each update?

No. A hotfix usually updates a specific package; 'system/kernel' in the
case of 8806.

If a weekly update includes a new version of that package, then it will also
include the rolled-up hotfix. If a weekly update does not include that
package then you keep the hot-fixed version in place.

; Are they only compatible with the release they are built against?

No, but they won't apply if you have the same or a newer version of the
affected package installed already.



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