I've prepared a hot-fix containing this driver update if you'd like to
test. I tried to test it myself on AWS but can't provision any type of
machine from that unofficial CE r151022 AMI in London. Just snapshot the
EBS volume first in case of problems.

To install:

  pkg apply-hot-fix

which will create a new boot-environment, and reboot.

Assuming it looks ok, this update will be part of next Monday's release.



On Mon, 9 Apr 2018, Al Slater wrote:

; Hi,
; Has the fix for 7186 (xnf: panic on Xen 4.x) been integrated into
; r151022 since the initial CE release?
; I have an instance in AWS that they required me to stop and start again
; due to host patching.  When I started it again the instance went into a
; panic/reboot loop.  The stack dump looked similar to the one in the
; error report.
; I managed to get the instance started by changing the instance type from
; m4.large to t2.large.  Presumably AWS are migrating towards Xen versions
; > 4 in london region.  I don't know how long until the t2 hosts are updated.
; regards
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