While Baseball at the popular level has wound down, or is concluding, in youth 
or school leagues, Major League Baseball heats up during August.  When the All 
Star Break ends, excitement starts to build, growing to  a fever pitch by 
September 1st, as players and fans look toward each League's championship 
series, and the great World Series, seemingly played later in October, every 
year.  Baseball across the six divisions of the two major leagues, becomes 
highly contested, and rival fans also battle, sometimes in the streets, 
sometimes in their fantasy leagues.  

Ah to be a player in the National League East division.  The Washington 
Nationals are at .600, with all the rest of the teams with losing seasons.  The 
Nationals' closest rivals in their division, the Miami Marlins, are 14 games 
back and the Atlanta Braves are at 15 games back! National League central 
standings are much closer, with the Chicago Cubs leading the division, the 
Milwaukee Brewers at 1.5 game back, and the St. Louis Cardinals at 3.5 games 
back.  All three teams remain above 500.  National League West division is led 
by the Los Angeles Dodgers, who lead the entirety of MLB with a record of .712 
thus far, while their closest rivals, both above .500, are the Colorado Rockies 
at 15.5 games back, and the Arizona Diamondbacks at 16 games back.  

Only the Houston Astros hold such a commanding lead in the American League, 
with the Seattle Mariners being 15 games behind them  in the American League 
West division.  The Cleveland Indians are measuring up to their success of last 
year in the American League Central Division.  In the East, archrivals Boston 
Red Sox and the New York Yankees continue to battle for first place, with the 
Sox currently ahead by three games.  

So, truly, August is NOT the doldrums for Major League Baseball.  The last two 
months of the season promise plenty of exciting action.  

Posted By Rex to SR at 8/08/2017 04:46:00 PM

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