Dear ompi-packagers,
   As one of the two release-engineers for Open MPI v4.0 (Howard Pritchard is the other), I wanted to announce the Open MPI v4.0 schedule, along with a configure change we're planning for Open MPI v4.0.

   The current Open MPI v4.0 schedule can be found on the milestones page of
   We're branching from master July 15th, our first RC is scheduled for August 13th, targeting a Sept 17th (or earlier) release.
   In Open MPI v4.0, one of the changes that we're making is to prefer external packages in configure versus our internal packages for libevent, hwloc, and pmix (also see  There are some restrictions about only preferring external packages that are "compatible", but in general we hope this should make redistributing Open MPI easier as a whole.   We're working on this feature here if you want to follow along.

  I hope you find this info helpful.

Geoffrey Paulsen
Software Engineer, IBM Spectrum MPI

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