Open MPI packagers:

I have a few updates for you.

1. As you noticed, we just had releases for Open MPI v4.0.1, v3.0.4, and v3.1.4.

2. For v4.0.1, in addition to the things listed in, it is 
worth noting that we removed the MPI-1 deleted constructs from mpi.h by 
default.  We *meant* to do this in v4.0.0 (and we said so in and 
other places), and had a bug that prevented that from happening.  We fixed the 
bug in v4.0.1, but neglected to mention it in the v4.0.1 email.  This has 
caused at least some confusion (e.g., and

3. v3.0.4 and v3.1.4 have just the usual array of bug fixes; there isn't a lot 
of note there.

4. We do anticipate probably having v3.0.5 and v3.1.5 releases someday.  
There's at least one issue that we are interested in fixing in the v4.0.x, 
v3.1.x, and v3.0.x series:  It 
didn't make it into v4.0.1, but should be in a future v4.0.x release.  If the 
fix is not too invasive, we hope to include it in the final releases for v3.0.x 
and v3.1.x (hopefully x==5 in both cases).

5. v5.0.x is brewing, but we have nothing concrete in terms of timeline to 
report on it yet (see 
 It will definitely be an ABI break from v3.0.x/v3.x.1/v4.0.x.

Jeff Squyres

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