Open MPI v4.1.1rc1 is now available at

Changes and fixes since the 4.1.0 release include:

- Reverted temporary solution that worked around launch issues in
  SLURM v20.11.{0,1,2}. SchedMD encourages users to avoid these
  versions and to upgrade to v20.11.3 or newer.
- Fixed configuration issue on Apple Silicon observed with
  Homebrew. Thanks to François-Xavier Coudert for reporting the issue.
- Disabled gcc built-in atomics by default on aarch64 platforms.
- Fixed SLURM support to mark ORTE daemons as non-MPI tasks.
- Improved AVX detection to more accurately detect supported
  platforms.  Also improved the generated AVX code, and switched to
  using word-based MCA params for the op/avx component (vs. numeric
  big flags).
- Improved OFI compatibility support and fixed memory leaks in error
  handling paths.
- Fixed MPI debugger support (i.e., the MPIR_Breakpoint() symbol).
  Thanks to @louisespellacy-arm for reporting the issue.
- Removed PML uniformity check from the UCX PML to address performance
- Fixed MPI_Init_thread(3) statement about C++ binding and update
  references about MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE.  Thanks to Andreas Lösel for
  bringing the outdated docs to our attention.
- Added fence_nb to Flux PMIx support to address segmentation faults.
- Ensured progress of AIO requests in the POSIX FBTL component to
  prevent exceeding maximum number of pending requests on MacOS.
- Used OPAL's mutli-thread support in the orted to leverage atomic
  operations for object refcounting.
- Fixed segv when launching with static TCP ports.
- Fixed --debug-daemons mpirun CLI option.
- Fixed bug where mpirun did not honor --host in a managed job
- Made a managed allocation filter a hostfile/hostlist.
- Fixed bug to marked a generalized request as pending once initiated.
- Fixed external PMIx v4.x check.
- Fixed OSHMEM build with `--enable-mem-debug`.

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