Heads up to Open MPI packagers...

In the upcoming Open MPI v5.0.0, we will be including self-contained HTML 
documentation in the distribution tarball.  It will be the same content that is 
available at docs.open-mpi.org, but suitable for viewing in a local / 
no-internet-required web browser.  This is new; we have not done this in prior 

The Open MPI "make install" process will install this tree of HTML files to 
$docdir/html.  The value of $docdir is controllable via "./configure 
--docdir=DIR", and defaults to $datadir/doc/openmpi (which, in turn, defaults 
to $prefix/share/doc/openmpi).

If your packaging splits Open MPI into multiple packages, you might consider 
putting this HTML tree in its own sub-package (e.g., "docs"), or perhaps 
include the HTML wherever you package the nroff man pages.

This functionality is available starting in the v5.0.0rc6 tarball: 

Jeff Squyres
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