Hi Mahesh,

I have questions about the flow diagram. According to 4th-step, it says DoCreateVNF.bpmn with groovy script rest call to SDNC.

But when i have instantiated demo vFirewall VNF on ONAP snapshot-1.0.0, VNF is created on OpenStack in Add VF Module stage.

it mean DoCreateVfModule.bpmn rest call to SDNC to create VNF on OpenStack, not DoCreateVNF.bpmn. is this my misunderstood?

And which task or subprocess does rest call to SDNC in bpmn file? it hard to find the point that rest call to SDNC for creating VNF on Openstack.


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Hi Gwuieon,

Please find the flow diagram as below, it explains VID to SO to VNF flow. Please go through the code based on source code files mentioned in the diagram, you will get to know exact flow.





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Dear Alexis,


I appreciate your answer. i understood call flow from VID to SO from your descriptions. (in the release-1.0.0 branch)

As you mentioned, i found BPMN endponit, /mso/async/services/CreateServiceInstanceInfra, from MSO's mso_catalog table.

After then, API handler make json entity using CamundaClient.java and post call to BPMN engine's endpoint (/mso/async/services/CreateServiceInstanceInfra).

How can BPMN engine determine which BPMN file to execute from json entity?


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Look at the ServiceInstance java class in API-handler-infra bundle, it s the Class definining the vf/vnf/serviceInstance endpoint CRUD operations. So VID calls end up in there. Then there is a function that does the lookup in mariadb using the service recipe table, matching on the name (look at MSO API documentation) ( in the release-1.0.0 branch it's always returning VID_DEFAULT). From there it retrieves the recipe, using the ID, and in the receipt table, you have the bpmn endpoint.


HTH, MSO folks might provide a more accurate answer though.




Le mardi 1 août 2017,
진귀언 <ge....@samsung.com> a écrit :

Hello All, I trying to analyze ONAP code. but it overwhelme me by the size and complexity. but i really want to know ONAP. I would like discuss only about instantiation VNF and SO at this time because ONAP have many functionality. How does call flow from VID to SO for Instantiation VNF? i want to know instantiate call flow in code level. 1. How does "API handler" in SO handles instantion request from VID? where is entry point in API handler? 2. How to execute BPMN recipe according to API handler? Best Regards, Gwuieon.









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