On 08/08/2017 07:17 AM, Gary Wu via RT wrote:
> Hi helpdesk,
> Can you help?  It seems that the redis minion is unavailable in Jenkins.
> Thanks,
> Gary

While the template has been merged, the ci-management job set that
creates the packer image still needs to be updated. After the job is
updated and the image built there is a manual process that LF Release
Engineering must do to update any Jenkins minion definitions to make use
of the new images. This is true for updates to current images as well.

This means that there are still several steps needed to be performed
before the image is available.


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> Script for python project in ONAP
> Hi Gary,
> I found that your commit for redis install in jenkins env has merged, and I 
> modify the job node to ‘ubuntu1604-redis-4c-4g’,
> but jenkins shows that node  ‘ubuntu1604-redis-4c-4g’ can not be found, can 
> you check it again?
> Thanks,
> Jinhua

Andrew J Grimberg
Lead, IT Release Engineering
The Linux Foundation

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