Hello all,
Thanks for a productive meeting!

I've updated IRA tasks 37,38,39,40,41,42 on moving the seed documents to add a 
note for the mappings to be added to the Wiki and the JIRA close statements.

The only open  discussion point on the requirements Table of Contents seemed to 
be the section 6. I've created 
VNFRQTS-57<https://jira.onap.org/browse/VNFRQTS-57>  and assigned it to Li 
Shitao (who raised the issue) to get this nailed down. Note this blocks 
VNFRQTS-25<https://jira.onap.org/browse/VNFRQTS-25>  and impacts SPRINT-1 
completion, though I don't believe we have any seed documents contributing 
material for this section.

As noted on the call, we have 6 sprints remaining for Amsterdam release to  
resolve any remaining issues. Please create the JIRA tasks/ bug reports you 
believe need to be resolved and lets work through them in future sprints.

best regards
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