Hi Subhash,

The process would be like:

OOM deploy MSB as the first component 

OOM deploy Registrator, which watches the kubernetes POD events

OOM deploy other ONAP components,including AAF, AAI, Poliy, SO,VFC, APPC, etc.

Registrator get notified with the POD event, then get the service information 
form POD environment variables and service instance(POD) IP from kubernetes

Registrator registers the service endpoints of AAF (and other components) info 
to MSB

MSB use these service info to route service requests

I haven't found AAF docker at https://nexus3.onap.org yet. Hope it will be 
avialable soon.



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Hello MSB and AAF Team,


As per the CLI project requirement, we would like to implement the user 
authentication  using AAF before interacting to services.

From CLI, as a common framework, first step, CLI would discover the required 
service from MSB.

And we would like to install MSB and AAF and make AAF get registered into MSB, 
so that CLI could discover it.


So kindly help us on following aspects:

1.      How to install AAF dockers (for the MSB we are following 

2.      How to configure AAF with MSB




Subhash Kumar Singh


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