Hi Chinnappa,

If you're reporting defects found during testing, they should be logged in 
jira.onap.org against the respective projects.

Unfortunately Skype doesn't work in our company firewall; email is probably 
still the best way to go.  Actually, if there's anything we're talking about 
that might be of interest to the community, it'd be good to copy the onap 
discussion list with the [integration] tag so others can learn from the thread 
as well.


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Subject: Creating JIRA tickets

Hi Gary,

Had quick question on submitting JIRA tickets.

Do we have a separate JIRA project to report defects during functional testing 
OR are you referring to the existing jira.onap.org for E2E?

Also are you and Helen on Skype so that we can chat instantly without emailing.

Thanks & Regards,
Chinnappa Raju
ECOMP Open Source Automation

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Subject: [onap-discuss] [integration] IOException during gerrit submission

Hi helpdesk,

The check during gerrit submission for Jira tickets seems to be broken; it 
consistently reports a java.io.IOException and fails to check if a Jira issue 
exists.  Can you take a look?


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