Hi helpdesk,

ONAP is moving toward a model where each project/repo will be releasing its own 
artifacts and versions, and cross-repo dependencies are on release artifacts 
only (i.e. no SNAPSHOT/staging dependencies).  Integration will be piloting 
this with oparent and clamp repos to work out all the kinks.

To that end, we will need a clear process for individual projects to version 
bump and release their own artifacts.

ONAP currently has Jenkins job definitions that will deploy release artifact 
candidates to staging.  What seems to be missing is a way for a project to pick 
a candidate from staging and formally release it into the Releases repo.  Does 
this process exist?  If so, can you point me to some documentation on how this 
process works?  If not, can you share your thoughts on how we can best 
implement this last step?


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