In your meeting today could you discuss (I would normally attend 
- but have a parallel meet)

1)      how to ensure the stability of the 1.1/master branch as we add new R1 
content - need E2E integration daily tests - we then deploy to 
Rackspace/Openstack only TAGGED-OK builds

2)      Allow developers to create feature branches on the fly

               Issue: 1.1/master is sensitive to the following

-        Cross repo breaking changes - like REST schema changes (these won't be 
picked up in

-        No ability to create shared developer branches

-        Tagging known/verified working builds - across all repos (this would 
require a functional test like https://jira.onap.org/browse/AAI-58 for each 
team - and an integration test
The integration test will require bringing up ONAP's docker containers/volumes 
(likely not on Openstack, but some sort of K8S, docker-compose/vagrant setup) - 
in a Jenkins job
Work with Integration team on this - I am going to look into an integration 

Upcoming Scenario: (Tian Lee raised this in the AA&I meet today) Amsterdam 
release cut - while Bejing.
In the past and during that last open source project I worked at for Oracle 
(EclipseLink RI for JPA 2.0) we created release branches prior to release when 
we verified the build was very stable (no commits for 48h) - once we branched 
then we patched the release branch with cherry-picks from master as required.

Thank you

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