On notifications:  Gerrit has built-in support to send email notifications on 
code changes.  There are two methods:

1.       The contributor can explicitly add a list of reviewers to the proposed 
change, which will trigger a notification to those individuals.  This should 
ideally be done after all expected amendments to the change are completed, and 
after Jenkins has verified the change.

2.       Anyone can subscribe to be notified of changes in any particular repo, 
via the "Watched Projects" section in their profile settings.

I would recommend that all committers subscribe to watch changes to the 
projects for which they are committers for.


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There was a code review pending since 5 days due to a lack of reviewers. I 
think we should adopt some best practices to avoid such delay.
A committer should inform the PTL and a list of reviewers by mail (typically 
the project committers and other people involved in the project)

OPNFV is listing all the committers (they can provide a +2 code review) in a 
dedicated file INFO for each repo:



OPNFV also defined some rules for committers promotions and removal that should 
inspire us.



Thanks @Morgan (OPNFV Ambassador & TSC Member) for the links




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