Here’s a summary of the issue and how I resolved / worked around it:

1.      On the ‘vagrant up’, Guest Additions Version of the guest box is listed 
as 4.3.36

2.      My host virtual box version is 5.1.26

3.      The vagrant-vbguest plugin was installed on the host, so it would mount 
a newer version of the guest additions iso in the guest and install it (I 
presume because it detected the older guest version).

a.      The guest additions are installed in the guest /opt directory and then 
links to /opt subdirectories are made for files and binaries in /sbin, etc. to 

4.      Then, the host ./opt directory is mounted onto the guest /opt 
directory.  This succeeds - /opt on the guest is now shared with ./opt on the 

5.      But, now the guest additions installed in /opt are masked by the 
mounted ./opt directory from the host.  Subsequent syncing (/lib, .m2, …) fails.

a.      And the vagrant up fails at this point – the vm is up, but process of 
bringing up mthe onap project fails

By uninstalling the vagrant-vbguest plugin on the host, a newer version of the 
guest additions is not installed, so the masking of /opt in the guest does not 
occur, all directories needing to sync are synced, and the bring up process is 
able to continue.

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project available into Integration repo

Hi Eric,

Adding more documentation is always welcome so if you find something that helps 
to clarify the usage of this tool I encourage to submit the patch (I submitted 
a patch to generate html documentation and it also includes an installation 
guide[1]).  For submitting a bug, I’d need more information about it, like

Do you the log of the error messages?
Did you only have issues syncing /opt folder? What about /lib and /.m2?
What version of Guest Additions did you have?
Once that you uninstall the guest additions, are the environments provisioned 
without any error?

Victor Morales


From: "Multanen, Eric W" 
Date: Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 10:43 AM
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Subject: RE: [onap-discuss] [all] [integration] [bootstrap] vagrant-onap 
project available into Integration repo


I’ve been trying this out (Windows 10 host, virtualbox, individual projects) 
for the past couple weeks.

I ultimately found out that the source of the problems I encountered getting 
synced folders/directories to work was a conflict between
the virtual box guest additions using the /opt directory of the guest and this 
project syncing the /opt directory with the host.  I got things to work
by uninstalling the vagrant guest additions plugin.

I’d be happy to either write up a bug report, or alternatively, add some 
documentation for best known methods or tips on usage.

Any preference?


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Subject: [onap-discuss] [all] [integration] [bootstrap] vagrant-onap project 
available into Integration repo


The vagrant-onap project started as an alternative to deploy ONAP services in 
Virtual Machines hosted locally without the need of an OpenStack deployment.  
After several changes and additions to this project, its goal has changed to 
provision a Development Environment.  Its current implementation support 
different providers (like VirtualBox, Libvirt and OpenStack) and has been 
tested in some OS(like Ubuntu, Mac OS).  This is an ongoing effort to collect 
instructions and standardize the methods to build and compile ONAP artifacts, 
as you can expect there are many things that are still missed so I encourage to 
everyone to take a look of the scripts placed into lib folder[1] and improve 
the documentation[2][3]. We have plans to add more Unit Tests to this 
project[4] to validate any change.

Victor Morales
irc: electrocucaracha

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