On 08/10/2017 10:31 AM, DRAGOSH, PAMELA L (PAM) wrote:
> My understanding was that when someone submits code for review, that
> committers automatically get email notification for it and also
> automatically get added to the list of reviewers. However, this has been
> inconsistent.

The ONAP Gerrit is not configured in any way to automatically add
reviewers to a change.

There are two plugins available for doing this sort of work:

reviewers - which won't work because we use and LDAP backend for
accounts and it requires the defined auto-reviewers to be local accounts
and groups

maintainers - which the fd.io community, and Cisco in explicit,
developed for their Gerrit which utilizes a MAINTAINERS file in the repo
for managing the automatic reviewer setup. I don't recommend this one
(yet) as they're still working out the bugs in it ;)

If you've been getting added "automatically" then it would be from
someone adding you as a reviewer. If, however, you leave a review then
you're automatically added as a watcher for any future changes.

> Being a committer, I have noticed that sometimes I am added as a
> reviewer automatically, while other times I am not. Not sure why not. I
> do utilize the “watch” projects functionality so that I don’t miss
> something because of this inconsistency.

I recommend that committers aways setup watches on projects that they're
a commit for. I, and the more active LF RE's for ONAP do this for the
ci-management project.


Andrew J Grimberg
Lead, IT Release Engineering
The Linux Foundation

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