Hi all,

We have had a pretty good discussion on WAN connection of volte use case this 
morning/last evening. Many thanks to all who help to clear the sequence, 
interface among SO, SDNC, 3rd party controller also inside the SDNC. I believe 
we can move forward now.

May I propose next step actions as:

1. ZhouYoa Huang submit the SDNC southband API payload for reference and 
confirm northband GENERIC RESOURCE API payload with SDNC team.

2. ZTE prepare TOSCA WAN Descriptor and the content of the Descriptor should be 
align with the payload of SDNC northband GENERIC RESOURCE API.

3. Discuss the WAN Descriptor with SDC/SO/SDNC teams in modeling subcommittee 
to freeze the WAN Descriptor for volte usecase.

Best Regards,

Yuan Yue

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主 题 :[onap-tsc] Hi, Here is the remain questions


First l'd like to confirm with SDNC team on several keypoints about the 
release1 volte use case WAN orchestration procedure both in design stage and 

We should use Directed Graphs portal to design WAN(L3VPN in volte use case) 
orchestration graghs for SDNC and keep the design align with the L3VPN model in 
Domain controllers(here 3rd party SPTN or IPRAN controller in volte usecase ). 
If the original model is not expressed with DG graphs, we have no tools to 
import it automatically into the SDNC.

We should design WAN descriptor in TOSCA with SDC independently and keep align 
with the model in SDNC. Since the data model in SDNC is not TOSCA file nor yang 
file, SDC can not import WAN model like importing VNF Descriptor in VNF case.  

When instantiate volte service, SO will decompose the E2E Service Descriptor to 
vIMS Descriptor, WAN Descriptor, vEPC Descriptor and send vIMS and vEPC to VFC. 
There should be a module handle the WAN Descriptor. Where we intent to put this 
module? in SO or SDNC? If the seed code of this module is ready or not?

After the module parse the WAN Descriptor, the parameters of L3VPN and 
corresponding DG name will be extracted from the TOSCA package and send to SDNC 
to trigger the DG excution of the pre-designed dericted gragh.

The pre-designed dericted gragh will call corresponding adaptors then the 
adaptor will construct request with the parameters deliveried from SDNC DG, and 
send request to 3rd party controller.

If my understanding is not correct, please point it out.

In summary, we have three key questions:  

    What kind of information should WAN Descriptor contain? L3vpn info? DG name 
of SDN-C? Something else?

    Which project, SO or SDNC, parse the TOSCA template?  

    Who will be responsible on this part of code(parse tosca template then 
mapping to existing SDNC northband API)?

Best regards!

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