This would be the same meeting as another one scheduled for the same time slot 
with topic of “[sdc][so][sdnc] VoLTE WAN service definition”.  I didn’t see Dan 
sent out the invite late afternoon and I could not reach him at that time, so I 
booked a meeting with my bridge. We will merge the two meetings tomorrow. The 
topic would be the same as we discussed today, basically we need to decide WAN 
service definition among SDC/SO/SDNC. Please join the meeting and present your 
proposal tomorrow.


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Hi, Dan

    May I ask what's the topic gonna to be disscussed in VoLTE [SO] / [SDNC] 
Interface discussion (8/11, 10:00 pm UTC8 / 10:00 am EST )?

Thank you!

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