1.1/master 20170812 looks to be working OK as expected now - as we progress 
through the vFW use case as deployment CI.
   Thanks for merging on the 10th - nice 
   Those of us previously on the stable April 1.0.0-release branch for 
integration/oss/demonstration/strategy/customer work should be able to move to 
1.1 if the ETE use case works (in progress).
   Portal is up, VID authentication is working (auth issue was fixed), SDC is 
OK, the 10 AAI containers look to be OK - JAXB generation is fixed.
   (An automated integration deployment (bring up all 47 docker containers and 
verify in-system rest calls) is in the queue - so we can run it daily.)

    The vFW demo is a bit different now - we can start updating (just-in-time 
editing as usual) the tutorial with 1.1 content.

    Having an issue with 1.0 specific to VID (the same 404 on /vid/login 
experienced by PORTAL-34) - since the 28 July - which does not make sense in 
1.0 and is likely a red herring.

    There is a minor issue in 1.1 when loading cacerts store during spring 
startup in the searchservice:9509 microservice container on AAI1 I will raise a 
jira for - so far - but the switch from v8 to v11 schema endpoints are 
responding in postman as expected.

    thank you
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