Viswa, as Alexis mentioned the DCAE and OOM teams are working towards a fully 
containerized version of DCAE.  The only component remaining to be 
containerized is the DCAE controller but the Cloudify team has recently told us 
that they are working on completing this.  Hopefully with all of us working 
together we’ll be able to get this done quickly.


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Let’s clarify one thing, OOM is the medium to deploy ONAP. DCAE doesn’t provide 
a way to be deployed in Kubernetes for now, hence OOM is not able to do this.

What OOM does is create the HEAT stack in OpenStack, HEAT stack that will 
create a VM running the dcae-boostrap container, which will then deploy the 
whole DCAE. OOM has created a wrapper on top of this so one can seamlessly 
deploy ONAP using OOM, as it’s done with HEAT. Please see the attachment here: explaining the implementation.

DCAE team and OOM team are working together to see how we can migrate DCAE 
components into Kubernetes deployment/services.  That work is still in 
progress, and I don’t have a clear view of the timeline for completion. Until 
this is done, ONAP will still requires a VIM to deploy DCAE.


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Dear OOM Team,

We found that, even-though OOM deploys DCAE bootstrap container inside a POD, 
the bootstrap container in-turn deploys other DCAE components as VMs in 
underlying VIM ( openstack ).

Would like to know, why doesn't entire DCAE run under kubern8s mode? and also 
what's the story of DCAE's LCM with OOM, since some parts of DCAE are still in 
VM mode ?



Viswanath Kumar Skand Priya
Verizon India ( VDSI )

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